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SMS Locator

1.59 usd

This APP allows you to locate a smartphone, even if it has no connection to the internet. You just send a usual SMS for the request of the GPS data. After a short time you will receive a SMS response from the other telefon with a google maps link. You open it and you will see the exact location of the remote phone. How to activate the APP ?
1. Install the SMS-Locator on the smartphone that you want to monitor (e.g. the phone of your child). 2. Define the phone numbers which are allowed to request the GPS-coordinates (comma separated e.g.: +43112233xxxx,+42222222xxxxx). 3. Define a special keyword, that have to be included in every SMS, that you use to request the GPS data. 4. Optional the request can be hidden, but this feature works only until android version 4.3.
Tip: If you want to perform a GPS location when your phone has no internet connection, store the cards in advance for offline use. The monitored phone never needs an internet connection.
The APP needs to be installed only on the monitored phone.
Notice: If the APP is activated (running) all parameters (keyword, numbers, ...) are hidden until the APP will be stopped by STOP button. The monitored person should not be able to see these parameters.